The Essential Incense Starter Kit


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An essential kit for any witch, new or experienced, for working with Incense, the Element of Air and Spiritwork.

In addition to 4 Elemental spell candles, a Charcoal disk and an aluminium storage tin, you also get:

Dragons blood and Frankincense- A powerful mix of resins that raise a mighty shield of protection against Magical, Spiritual and Psychic attacks.

Copal, Benzoin and Myrrh- A deeply exorcising incense that banishes all spirits and energies that mean harm.

Fennel Seeds- Strengthens and focuses the mind and recovers locked memories from the deep recesses of the brain.

Cloves- An effective magnet for prosperity and good luck; also used to protect yourself from slander and gossip.

Black Pepper- The hex breaker; when burnt alongside Myrrh or Frankincense it dispels any negative energies attached to a person.

Jasmine Flowers- The flower of dreams, inhaling the smoke if this plant before bed creates a Lucid dream-like state, perfect for divination work or premonitions.

Bay Leaves- The wish granting leaves. A wish written on a bay leaf and then burnt is said to be carried to the heavens in the smoke, ensuring your prayers are answered.

For more on the Religious uses of Incense, click here.


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