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Herbal Bathing, the potent spiritual practice of working with the energies of the Earth and the Spirits that reside within herbs, flowers, roots and seeds to attract or repel specific situations.

These baths are not intended for spa-like treatments or relaxation, they are traditional spiritual washes and should be used in the traditional manner;

1. Empty the bath blend into a large bowl and work your hands through the mixture using massaging and rubbing motions.
2. Speak your desired manifestation to the spirit of the plants, thanking them for their aid (usually spoken in the form of a prayer or mantra).
3. Add clean water to the bowl (you can also add Florida Water or similar spiritual colognes) then massage the mixture once more.
4. Clean yourself as normal in the bath/shower, then rub the wet herb mixture all over your body (avoiding intimate areas, face and hair)- rub upwards for attraction, or downwards for repulsion. Whilst doing so, focus on your prayer/mantra.
5. Finally rinse off the herbs using the liquid remaining in the bowl and water from your bath/shower.

Our current range of Baths are:

Mèt Tèt- Meaning “Master of the Head”, this blend is for working on yourself and your connection to the spirit world; whether to improve your ability to communicate with and interpret spiritual messages or realign and rebalance yourself, this bath is incredible for personal care and growth.

Dlo Rivyè- Meaning “River Water”, this blend is for attracting energies to you; whether that is attracting Love, Money, Security or anything else, is entirely up to you and is dependent on your choice of prayer/mantra.

La Flambo- Meaning “Flaming Torch”, this blend is for repelling energies away from you; excellent for removing dark or negative energies and repelling unwanted people from your life, this bath will repel anything dependent of your choice of prayer/mantra.

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