Working the path of power

It starts with YOU and YOUR ANCESTORS.
The Path of Power is the hierarchy of spiritual connectivity, the chain of connection that links us to the Most High.

ancestor path of power

At the start of the path, is us, our physical being and our consciousness, this is where the spiritual connection is formed. Without first opening our minds and hearts to Spirit there can be no link to the Most High, and thus we cannot achieve manifestation or even conduct the simplest of magical practices.

To begin a proper connection with the Path of Power, we must learn to silence outside influence through grounding or meditation, and understand that the visible world; that which we see and feel around us, is only a small fraction of what makes up the Universe.

Grounding and Meditation

Grounding is the act of rooting ourselves to the Earth, allowing our energies to become centered and focused. A simple Grounding exercise is to step barefoot outside, whether in your garden, a local park or even in the midst of a dense forest. Allow yourself to become aware of the ground beneath you, feel how it supports you, how strong it is, how boundless.
Feel the Earth’s vibrations and allow your body to fall in sync, releasing your mind of the mundane and becoming one with the natural forces around you.

Earth is stability, it is growth and nurturing. When we fall in sync with these energies, we reach a point of clarity and our consciousness becomes focused.

Meditation however focuses more on self-control, it is a discipline in which you actively shut out the vibrations from the mundane, allowing yourself to feel the energy of the unseen forces that surround us every day. Simple meditation can be achieved by sitting comfortably in silence, focusing on your breathing technique and allowing your mind to drift towards a state of unconscious thought, it is a journey of self-discovery. 

Ancestor Worship

The worship of our ancestors as a magical practice is something more common amongst the African diaspora of practitioners, however, it is a very important practice when aiming to perform magical workings with powerful effects.
After ourselves, our closest spiritual connection, is to the spirits of loved ones that came before us. The ancestors bridge the gap between Spirit and the visible world in which we exist.

There are many ways in which we can honour their spirits and gain their favour however the most most common way is by using an altar or set space to ‘host’ them. Upon this altar a few essentials are required:

White Candle – This is the beacon that the ancestral spirits will use, almost like a phone line. When the candle is lit the spirits turn their attention towards you and take notice of what you do and say. It becomes a tether for you and the astral realm until you become more adept at securing spiritual connection without the aid of other tools.

Offerings – Clean, fresh water and food is offered to the spirits as a token of care and hospitality, it is our way of creating a pleasant atmosphere in which the spirit feels catered for. If we expect them to give us their time, energy and action we should repay them in kind.

Recognition – Recognising the spirits as individuals using photographs, belongings or representations/symbols of them will help to build a stronger and more meaningful connection.

Vices – In life, as in death, nobody is perfect. As humans we all have our vices which bring us comfort, it is customary to offer the spirits their earthly vices as a token of love. These often include tobacco-based products, gambling tools and alcohol.

Gifts – As a way of showing your appreciation for their attention and action, gifts given with sincerity take pride of place on an ancestral altar. Things like Florida Water, flowers, money, jewels etc. make great spiritual gifts.

Building a Connection

Creating a link between yourself and your ancestors on a spiritual level is not a difficult task, after creating an altar space to host them, begin calling on them during your prayers, meditations, grounding sessions and spell work. Acknowledgement is key to this. Try the following to aid in building a stronger, longer lasting connection

This spell is to be conducted on a Thursday, a day of Unity
Upon your Ancestors Altar burn a white, orange and purple candle; (available here) the white is representative of Spirit and the Divine, orange for communication and purple for spiritwork.
With the candles lit burn some frankincense to create a neutral environment free of vibrations that resonate on plains too high or too low.

Anoint yourself with oil and speak out loud;
“Ancestral spirits, both known and unknown,
I call you here to my sacred space;
That I may honour you, connect with you and know you.
I come before you as one descended from your bloodline
And ask that we may unite in the name of the Most High”

With these words spoken, allow the energies of the ancestors to gather and communicate with you. Hear their messages and feel their presence. This spell can last as long or as little time as you feel necessary and should be repeated every Thursday until the spell is no longer required for you to make contact with your Ancestral spirits.

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